Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

First Christmas

Yep December 25th 2010 would be my first christmas :)
well we do have christmas in Indonesia, but i'mnot really into it, i mean i didnt celebrate it.
well, Christmas in USA is a big deal every body decorate  their house with Christmas tree put the light around the house, and many more. Every place radio station put Christmas songs. Well, this year our place doesn’t get white Christmas. Ahaha
Okay, one thing I like about American Christmas is the Present ! ( I wont lie :P)
Ahahha there’ll be a lot of presents on Christmas.
Okay my Christmas here is kinda fun or I don’t really know how to describe it LoL
Well, I bought present for my family on Christmas eve! (stupidity, but at least I have present for them) I didn’t prepare a gift cause I thought my family in Indonesia would sent me some souvenir but well they didn’t ready yet. So, I bought some stuff on Big K ahaha
Then after I bought and wrapped it, we went to church and then had dinner in Mexican restaurant. Hmmm, after we had dinner we went to Bellevue to watch Christmas light..
That’s so beautiful :)
 Christmas morning…
Time to open the present :) .. we open the present accompanied by cinnamons roll yummy…
Well, I guess that’s all for me.. see yaa!!

My mexican meal LoL

christmas light

a few presents

Dinner time !

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