Sabtu, 01 Januari 2011

First Christmas

Yep December 25th 2010 would be my first christmas :)
well we do have christmas in Indonesia, but i'mnot really into it, i mean i didnt celebrate it.
well, Christmas in USA is a big deal every body decorate  their house with Christmas tree put the light around the house, and many more. Every place radio station put Christmas songs. Well, this year our place doesn’t get white Christmas. Ahaha
Okay, one thing I like about American Christmas is the Present ! ( I wont lie :P)
Ahahha there’ll be a lot of presents on Christmas.
Okay my Christmas here is kinda fun or I don’t really know how to describe it LoL
Well, I bought present for my family on Christmas eve! (stupidity, but at least I have present for them) I didn’t prepare a gift cause I thought my family in Indonesia would sent me some souvenir but well they didn’t ready yet. So, I bought some stuff on Big K ahaha
Then after I bought and wrapped it, we went to church and then had dinner in Mexican restaurant. Hmmm, after we had dinner we went to Bellevue to watch Christmas light..
That’s so beautiful :)
 Christmas morning…
Time to open the present :) .. we open the present accompanied by cinnamons roll yummy…
Well, I guess that’s all for me.. see yaa!!

My mexican meal LoL

christmas light

a few presents

Dinner time !

Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

My Cluster

Hi long time no see :)
Yeah I never update my blog since a few months ago :/
On this opportunity I’m gonna talk about my cluster ( chapter ..)
Yeah we all student from YES program is divided into several cluster.. depends on where are you gonna live and what’s your organization (AYA, CIEE, PAX,AFS, etc)
Well, I live in Washington state and I’m on “Hope For Youth International” cluster..
Well actually my cluster is puget sound area cluster but my Local coordinator have an organization which accommodate a few students from various organizations.
My cluster is the biggest cluster in USA we have more than 50 students in this cluster ..

And I can say my cluster “HFYI” is the most active cluster here, I guess .. cause we have a lot of activities.. every month we always have gathering. .hang out or go some where..
It makes us closer. .and gives us experiences :)
First activity is welcoming party :) we all gathered in lake Taps, playing around barbeque party an so on :)
After that, we went to Long beach last August to have our orientation :D
Then every month we always have some activities such as hang out, mt.rainer, seattle, and many more :)

Beside fun activities, we also can work to raise money for our Disneyworld and universal studio trip this spring J..Usually we work in fair (make scone both) or we walk in restaurant on the game (football,soccer,baseball). Really the work experience is amazing :)

Well I guess that’s it for now
Check this out :) !

Welcoming party-Lake Tapps 

orientation- Long beach WA


Hang out- Seattle

White Elephant Party - Everett (winston's house)

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010


Yeah i have new hobby here "Sailing"
kinda fun though, sail on the ocean enjoy the view from the ocean and see a lot of ocean animal such as sea lion, star fish, and many more :)
yeah first time i went sailing was on September 5-6 i'm not sure but it was around labour day.
We went to Port Orchad on Brementon, across brementon actually :) kinda fun but a long trip 6 hours!!!
Actually its not that far from everett if you go by car :P, but its more fun if you go by sailing boat :)

It was my first time i go sailing, helped dad on the cockpit kinda fun :) help to press +10 -10 botton (autopilot button) yeah that time we used motor almost all the way to Port Orchad :) rather than sail :P

Second time i go sailing is more fun!! We use sail all day long! pull the rope to adjust the sail :P hurt but fun!
it was not really far we just went to kingston 3 hour by sailboat :P, the weather was so nice the sky was so blue and bright but i still felt cold -,- hahaha
oke i have no idea what will i write again, so that's all for now :) bye!

Check this out !

i thought its mukilteo beach 

i forgot their name :P
first time!

Minggu, 10 Oktober 2010

Washington State-Lake Stevens-Exchange student

i'll continue my story :)
yap i lived in Lake Steven for about 3 weeks maybe i'm not sure :P
i live there till i got my permanent hostfam :)
oke, i've told you guys that i lived with mom,dad,bam,and our pets ( you know exactly that american people really love their pets and we have 6 pets, CooLLLLL)
the view from their house is really beautiful :) we can see the lake from our living room :)
and one thing i amazed from mom and dad's house....their kitchen LoL
it's so cool,, hha yah almost like all american kitchen with microwave,dishwasher,refigerator, but my favorite is (tempat cuci piringnya not dishwasher :P) if we push a button there, "tempat cuci piring" akan nyedot sisa2 makanan kita hahahaahaha g perlu susah2 nyari tong sampah :P.
Unfortunately, i dont have the picture of it :(
Yeah, because WA school start on September 8th, i still had almost one month holiday :P
i just spent my holiday at home :( hha bored? sometimes
i watched movie and played internet were my activities at home :P
but then mom and dad invited us to watch movie (excited? of course it's my first time go cinema here :P), we watched "inception" i already watched it when i was in Indonesia :P, than guess what??? i just slept during the movie LOL ! it because i was so tired :) hha (lagi puasa buuuu hawanya pengin tidur) but at least i have ever watched that movie before,hhehe
i also did a volunteri job :) kinda fun! our curch has like an event named "citi fest" there was a lot of "Stan" like face painting, family photo, finger nails, bike repair, and so on. And i did face painting, kinda fun ! it was my first time LoL i was so nervous but i can do it! Fun fun fun!!

beck painted on a girl face

We had some picture to order (blues cluse-gimana sih spellnya?-,- . rainbow, flower, monkey, cros, love,and many more :). One thing that i amazed (again) there was no garbage on the land :') every body throw their garbage in the rubish, bayangin kalo pasar malem di Indonesia? sampah dimana-mana :( . jadi inget dari guruku :
"ada sebuah museum mainan yang sangat besar dan penuh dengan permainan yang menyenangkan, saat itu semua anak dari seluruh dunia berkumpul untuk pembukaan museum, saat museum di buka ternyata banyak sampah didalam museum hampir semua anak dari seluruh dunia memulai membersihkan sampah sebelum mulai bermain, kecuali satu anak yang tetap cuek dan memilih untuk langsung bermain instead of mungutin sampah, sayang sekali anak itu adalah anak indonesia :( "
Ayo kawan kita ubah persepsi itu! YES WE CAN!!

Back to topic :P
Yeah, than on August 23rd we also had BBQ party!!! That was so blast fun!! but it made me broke my fasting :'( i felt so regret huhuu. Yeah that was the event for welcoming we! Exchange student from around the world :P.
So there're a rich people who has a big house by the lake, and usually they borrowed their house for us :P
yeah i met a lot of frieng there :), i had to wake up in the early morning because my dad has to picked up another student, wow that was cool!! Sekalian jalan2 hhha
In the Lake Taps ( the place) we played trampolin than jump to the water, played kayak, speedboad, voley,pool, or just relax on jacuzi hhhhehhe check this out !



at first i couldnt drove it (udik bener -,-")

We are exchange student!
yeah sekiranya itulah kegiatan kami selama BBQ party (welcoming Exchange student)
ada videonya juga loh :P ( check on my FB guys :P).

Sabtu, 09 Oktober 2010

hey, i'm in Washington State :)

finally my real adventure is begin :)
yap saat itu hari pertama puasa :) waktunya aku dan kawan-kawan berpisah :'(
i had to go on 3 am in the morning because i have moning flight :), perjalanan selama enam jam di pesawat aku habiskan dengan tidur well, hari itu berasa lemes banget :/...
Yeah sesampainya di Sea-Tac airport Tony my local coordinator sdh menunggu :) yah hari it aku tidur di tempat barbara karena hostfamku baru bisa jemput keesokan harinya :)

Kami mampir ke salah satu supermarket untuk beli makan siang dan of course aku enggak makan karena aku lagi puasa :), than we went to poulsbo main ke tempat Murphy house hehe mereka baik bgt dan punya anjing yang sangat lucu bernama OREO :P

Hari itu berjalan begitu cepat, hehehe habis muter2 dan tidur siang, aku dan stephanie pergi ke rumah barbara yap we would stay there untuk beberapa hari kedepan, sebenernya cuma satu hari untukku :P

Hari itu aku buka puasa pake chicken terayaki yummy :P
paginya kita ke bandara buat jemput exchange student yang lain, sekalian aku ketemuan sama hostparents ku :)
yah ternyata aku double hosting dgn girl from thailand (Bam)
sebelum ke Lake Steven (rumah hotsfam) kita makan siang dulu di MC Donald,( kec aku yang sedang puasa).
Perjalanan dari Tacoma ke Lake Steven kira-kira 1 jam, sampe dirumah Ya Allah aku takutnya setengah mati -,- mereka punya 4 anjing dan 2 kucing :((( aaahhhhhaahhh mana aku g pernah ketemu anjing sedeket itu...Si Kikie (salahsatu anjingnya) Loncat-loncat kaya mau nyakar aku hihiihhi, tapi kata mom dia cuma excited aja karena ada orang baru disana :)
yah hari itu aku buka pake spageti yummy :P,,hhahahha\
udah dulu deh besok lanjut lagi, masih banyak cerita yang pengin aku posting :P but now i'm tired.. hehhe see ya :)

Wasington DC and Orientation- National 4-H Youth coference center

This is my second entri :P

Yap after we arrived langsung aja kita capcus ke tempat orientasi :) Pikirnya bakal ke hotelnya paris hilton (HILTON) but nope!!!! we went to maryland guys! Di bus kita pada cerita g jelas "Ya Allah kita di Amerika !" "Asharnya masih lama kan ya santai (jam 5 kayak jam 2 :P)" etc. Sumpah bagaikan mimpi, aku telah berada disini :')

Tiba-tiba keinget maaf kelupaan :P (makanan United Airlines :) )


Hahahahahah, back to topic !
ya we had an orientation in National 4-H Youth Conference center, Maryland :)
disana aku satu kamar sama Stephanie (Indonesia), Prisila (ghana) and "..." (Ghana) maaf lupa namanya :P
yeah hari itu minggu kalo g salah kita nyante2 dlu hha, belum ada kegiatan asikkk but i have to looking for my Group Leader -.-", haha fun!!!! Mulailah kita dengan dinner yang Astaghfirullah,,,, udah mulai terasa amerikanya g ada nasi :P hahha rotiroti..
Yap, acara kita selama orientasi rada ngeboringin tapi tetep asik :) hha ada pembukaan, workshop ttg Muslim di Amerika, Telent show (Filiphina), dll..oh tak lupa juga acara yang paling saya tunggu2! jalan-jalan di DC..asikkkkkkkk!!! Check it out !

in front of the main building :)

ruang conference  

gambar diatas adalah tempat orientasi, :)
than, next jalan2 seharian di DC, yap first destination is US Dept of State, departemen memberi kami (YES Students) beasiswa :), than kami pergi ke kedutaan besar Indonesia yang paling ditunggu karena........."nasi!!!" hha iya jadi mereka menyediakan makan siang buat kami :P ya ampunn makannya pada kaya kuli! -,-
setelah itu muter-muter hha, Union Station, White house, Lincoln memoriam :') Ya Allah kaya yang di TV :)
Alhamdulilah ! bahagia....!

Lincoln memoriam

kedutaan Indonesia di USA

yip.yip kedutaan Indonesia di sana keren banget! gedungnya kaya Istana (Lebay-,-) tapi memang katanya gedung keduataan Indonesia di Amerika sana termasuk salah satu warisan budaya..
Well, setelah muter-muter DC tiba saatnya untuk kembali ke tempat orientasi dan memulai sesi-sesi yang rada ngebosenin sebenernya, hha
Ada cerita nih, harusnya kan abis dari DC kita ada sesi ttg management uang dll, eh aku dan teman semarka TIDUR dengan pulasnya hha, bangun-bangun langsung kelabakan gara2 telat sesi :P Untung bapaknya baik kita tidak dimarahin :))) hehe

Soekarno Hatta-Changi-Frankfurt-Dules

Hiii OMG i'm so late hihihih
ya because i dont have any passion to write my story in my blog :P Lazyy -,-
hhe so i'll tell you guys about my story here in USA :D

Well, this is it...a moment that i'm looking forward flight to USA!!!!! Happy, Sad, Excited ..yap, kumpul di Soekarno-Hatta setelah orientasi selama satu minggu...we only had 2 hours to meet our family before we go for about 11 months :')

Look so happy
But,, tears came when i have to enter the airport :') see ya my family ......

 Finally we were in the plane :)

Yeah, akhirnya..
Perjalanan yang kami tempuh cukup panjang, jakarta-singapore 2 hours than transit at changi for about 30 minutes, langsung deh ke Frankfurt it takes long timeeee 13 hours :)


Yeah disana kami transit for about 5 hours :P muter2 dlu deh di Bandaranya :P

 Than finally we arrived!!! Dules Interbational Airport ! udara america,!! Panasnya Washington DC g kalah sama Jakarta -,-" Than we have to take our suitcase (heavy-,-)